Wednesday, 23 July 2008


here are sum luvly photos from prom ? yerrrrrr
i scan them in my nu negative scanner and they came out blue :S

my old art class o the memories, i remember a time when beaver was loud, april was relatively quiet, simon done alotta work and matts work always looks good, mr rearden had no hair and Jane ...well....ermmm... Jane.... was small?, alotta thinks dont change:)

matt was not impressed with beaves singing lol :P it did get rather tedious.

beave sing his lovly song "get ya beaver out,get ya bluddy beaver out" no one was impressed :P (james is sneazing?)
all the girls sitting in a line for the taxi :P ok maybe not
waiting for the taxi with my cardie and matt waist coat? :S
hello sailor!

i think i may have been playing charades, guess the song! everyone ...........
ermmm (im pointing at it)  thats rite "everyone nose" by n.e.r.d :P i alway seem to touch my nose wen photos are taken :S
simon And adam look young and intoxicated and blue:)

prom was radddd!

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