Thursday, 10 July 2008

one nite

spent anite out with a few lads steven, kb, hammer. we seem to just walk from fast food place to fast food place. quite funny tho. 
kbs left overs :)

toby is not impressed. hammer stole my fat burger!
kb enjoying his chicken far to much. "thats goin in the blog"

yum yum! 
is that mayo? or sumthing else. coz hammer should wipe his mouth or sumthing. 
hammer  (to some drunk 40 year old women)--"im hung like a donkey"

steven is not amused. 

yum chicken i think!

tells everyone about wanking and the joys :S ahaha
no seirously wat is he doing?

me taking the pisss! this is how hammer picks up girlssVVVVV

hammer looks like like a sales man vvv

hi im chris. vvvvvvv

yerrrrrrr! i was thristy!

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