Sunday, 31 August 2008

glowing beach huts and midlands people.

  the night started like any other night. except for the fact that loss's friend's from the midlands, were down. we started off by having a bit of a cruise along the see front, when we saw these glowing beach huts. there are three huts in the purple snail installation, the piece is a STATEMENT (lol) on how global warming is effecting are coastline. the idea is that the tide will rise and swallow up the beach huts one by one. the piece is called 100:50. It is very much in your face but also combines beauty. it gives off a brilliant light which compliments the surrounding area. i think the light represents the energy in our houses, and has the message of if you don't need the light turn it off.:)

lozz and sarah chillaxing in the spare bed room while i change and find my old sleeping bag! :) 
i think lozz was a bit hungry. 

we sat around on a nu part of  beach that had been closed of by the felixstowe county council, to have the sand replaced. it was nice and pleasent so we cracked open the beast and sum red square and a random bottle from my car, and drank up. then along come these two chaps who think we doing crack lsd, and e. basically they tell us to  hop the fence and move on. one was bald. :)
lozz and hammer doing the tougue face which jodie was on about hahahahaha. :P  
sarah was sleepy :S
we shot her with the laser pen .
we went and got sum horrid little potatoe midgets in a plastic plate and chowed down, we drop one on the old lady...... i mean floor not good :s the burned off a bald mans nose :\

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