Saturday, 15 November 2008

the weird and wonderful world of Amsterdam

well it took long enough  but there uploaded now 
thank god, here sum sanp shots of the strange world which is amsterdam, a place full of weed, heineken beer, art and red lights.

this was a nice thing to see as our bus parked up in asmterdam bit late for a visit though. 

there was plenty of graffeti aswel as bikes i really liked the colours and texures on this electricity box 

i found out phils actually a elf aswell
matt made a mask for beaves teeth . 
 the shop windows seem to have much more artist influence, which does draw u in.met sophie the night before at the aussy place, and then met clare and hanna in the in bar in red light district, 

me hannah and clare took some well good facebook photos but sadly hannah lost them :( bad times

we also played some "i have never" with our over priced drinks. 

they were pretty big mugs of beer tho

 club nastttyyy! where beaave was forced to dance, and drunk girl had her way with the pole.
then me and phil pretty had the best picture taken of us ever

really like the attention to detail to the vines placed on the street lamps.  
"i reckon they come alive at night" -phil 
some work inspired by the trip with some help. 

so gnarly over priced cows aswell which seem to have anchor tattoos :S
and of course bare clogs.
febo"s look distgusting but dont taste too bad, they are pretty much like hot food venders.

first night had a burger with traditnal dutch trimming large kirkins, vigerette salad  in nice
 quant resturant, who claim to know big bird. phil was impressed

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