Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The 7th space!

starting off i found ths website about chernobyl which has been taken back by nature due to a nuclear explosion at the power station its very morbited check it out tho--   http://englishrussia.com/?p=293  --(just copy and paste this into the bar and click enter should work)

we have finally got our spaces on the 7th floor, and the view is good, were the first people to get our spaces and the first to raid everones posters and furniature. and i set up all my space by the window with lot of space to put shit my favourite then i put up some stuff and made a wall of babes :)

these to photos above are my space ^^ 
the babe wall too! 

this phils space ^^ 
he called the first space 
i called the 2nd

 matts place bit weird lol ^^
This is Simon's and to the left is Liams.
and thats some of Simon's twin work in the centre which will be
 on show on 7th floor next saturday along with all the students work...

oyer heres a drawing of matt

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