Thursday, 5 February 2009

middlesex near chodefosters

who decided to get up so early?
we jumped on the train and made are way to london. i read vice and ate some 
of my roll it was grand, it was so big i saved for the tube, it was GOOD EATIN oh and i deleted some pictures,

  matt had little sleepy on the train. 

we then got the tube to go to cockfoster where it was a ten mi
nute walk to cat hill, where we chucked thousands of snowballs at the girl, lorrie was the mum, and kept telling us to be carful
middlesex was actually really good but the talk was s
hit. i dont like cats.
we also when to there mueseam which was a nice space but thats probley it. this sums up the mueseam space -->
 "it was reasonably good"

after this we made move to convent garden and had look around american apparel, urban out fitters and slam city 

  me and simon when out side and had look round, we found a well rad mirror which make you look funny, and some random ice flake. which sound great wen you crunch them with your feet. 


we then wen to leister square but there werent any premieres on so i was a bit sad, but we got are usal dose of pizza hut goodness just what the doctor order.simon pretty my gourged him self on pizza and after, and matt took as much pesi as he could, mind you i did the same, well there is a credit crunch you know.

simon the tried ever cardigan on in sight and flirted with the cashier. :P

then did this piece of work with matt call "angry british hat twat"
it kinda looks like the hitcher from mighty boosh.

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